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Women standing up for change

Women grouped in Gashikanwa food processing have been trained with PARJE on business development management, there are really enjoying the skills gained from that training. They beleive that they will bring the change in the community with their innovation to produce different types of flour. We congratule Parje Team for their works to support women rural entrepreneur.


Workshop help by Innova Group

After 9 months from 2016 MWF, we continue giving back to our community. This is the reason why Irwin, Vestine and myself took time to facilitate the workshop of selected trainers and coaches on business and organizational development. Participants were from different organizations and enterprises such as: OBEM, PARJE, Word Merit, CNJB, ESBE, ICGLR Youth Forum, Innova Group and CNJB.

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MWF giving back to the community

As Consultant contacted to run a Training of Trainers on Design Thinking for Social Entrepreneurship; Thanks to OBEM, World Merit Burundi, YSSE Burundi and Innova Group to organize that session. Your work will be recognized in Burundi Community. Congratulations to the team of 15 young and women from 4 provinces of Burundi to accomplish that training of trainers on Design

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