Our Mission

“Train, Inform and bring together Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators  to build effective partnership and use communities assets  for sustainable development at beyond”

“We are change makers from various countries but we are all working to contribute on sustainable development, why we don’t know us each other? The world needs our skills and partnership for sustainability, what are we waiting for starting collaboration? If it isn’t late, It’s time for starting.”

Our core values:

Innovation – Honesty – Collaboration – Partnership – Complementary – Professionalism.

  • Innovation: Try to implant the new idea which is in need for your community but not yet satisfied;
  • Honesty : Say I can if you can, never say yes when it’s time to say No;
  • Collaboration: Your expertise can help me and my expertise can help you, But we must know how sharing them by Win-Win.
  • Partnership : Two is more than one, it is why the airplane has free tires which are used for taking depart before flying;
  • Complementary: No one can be able for everything or can work everywhere but we can get a change maker everywhere if we take time to work on it;
  • Professionalism: What value to your partner if you don’t work relatively to the contract with him. The satisfaction for him will be how you help him to reach his goal at distance.

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