Emerging Professionals Development Program in Burundi.

Emerging Professionals Development Program in Burundi.
In partnership with IGA Bridge, Innova Group Burundi is currently running a program for professional and leadership development in favor of a team of 30 young emerging professionals. The program is including “Weekend School” that helps them to gain adequate and essential skills to integrating the available job market, creating life, earning opportunities, developing communities and contributing to socioeconomic development in Burundi.
Thank you for our facilitators who are volunteering and spending their time to support that program for impact and sustainability.
Call for support to: U.S. Embassy Bujumbura, Burundi Ambassade des Pays-Bas au Burundi PNUD Burundi IOM Burundi UNICEF Burundi Presidence De La Republique du Burundi, Bujumbura

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