Community services in Rukaramu with our partners

Innova Group is joining today 20 organizations and social enterprises led by youth for Community Services organized in Rukaramu Zone, Mutimbuzi Commune and Bujumbura Province. They are teaching Community on Health and Hygiene Issues. Participants and local administration really appreciate the initiative, especially the training.


Emerging Professionals Development Program in Burundi.

Emerging Professionals Development Program in Burundi. In partnership with IGA Bridge, Innova Group Burundi is currently running a program for professional and leadership development in favor of a team of 30 young emerging professionals. The program is including “Weekend School” that helps them to gain adequate and essential skills to integrating the available job market, creating life, earning opportunities, developing

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Innova Group, a Hello world!

Welcome to Innova Group. The successful way to save our communities is to educate Innovators so that they can build strong partnership and working with effective collaboration and high performance of leadership. Starting small and growing progressively, join InnovaGroup and you will get helpful services for your idea development”. Said Emile Uwezowamungu, Our Founder & CEO