SISP Evaluation session

We believe that SISP will bring new perspective of economic development in Burundi. It was our pleasure to evaluate our pilot project “Social Initiatives Support Project” last monday 5th February 2018, we realized that we have been able to support by capacity building coaching sessions on key organizational development topics, Organizational restructuring support and Communication support to 82 social initiatives

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Innova Group, a Hello world!

Welcome to Innova Group. The successful way to save our communities is to educate Innovators so that they can build strong partnership and working with effective collaboration and high performance of leadership. Starting small and growing progressively, join InnovaGroup and you will get helpful services for your idea development”. Said Emile Uwezowamungu, Our Founder & CEO


Coaching sessions at Innova Group

Communication is important for social initiatives. World Merit Burundi and Innova Group in partnership with U.S. Embassy Bujumbura, Burundi through the #MandelaWashingtonAlumniEngagementGrant, the both Organizations continue to support those 80 leaders from local organizations in Burundi by building  with Communication skills in the need to grow their impact through “Social Initiative Support” Project initiated by World Merit Burundi and Innova Group 


Egide, exceptional in the community

“Near the community activists is our approach” During his visit in Gitega Province last week, Our Lead Consultant Emile Uwezowamungu met Egide Irakoze the president of AJUDC. After analyzing community achievements of that association, he promised to take Egide Irakoze as a coach for our Program and Business Support Service where he will be inviting during our training and coaching session to share his experience with

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Coaching session held in Gitega

During the coaching session on communication held in Gitega at American Corner Gitega through Social Initiatives Support Project supported by U.S. Embassy Bujumbura, Burundi and U.S Alumni association via Alumni engagement grant, I met dynamic young people, some of them are Egide Irakoze & Asman Ntiranyibagira who are doing an amazing work in that province for socio-economic develomement via Education, vocational training, Youth VSLA and Agriculture. It was

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New vision for new generation conference

Innova Group is interesting to work with all organizations who are committed to youth development and Job creation. This is the reason why our CEO attended the conference organized by New Vision for new Generation to graduate students after entrepreneurship training program. He promised to keep supporting them technically until to be an active organization for youth  empowerment.


PARJE in rural Entrepreneurship

PARJE Team understand how is the need and the importance of educating people in rural areas for business development and social innovation. They welcome every body working together for women development.


Women standing up for change

Women grouped in Gashikanwa food processing have been trained with PARJE on business development management, there are really enjoying the skills gained from that training. They beleive that they will bring the change in the community with their innovation to produce different types of flour. We congratule Parje Team for their works to support women rural entrepreneur.


Workshop help by Innova Group

After 9 months from 2016 MWF, we continue giving back to our community. This is the reason why Irwin, Vestine and myself took time to facilitate the workshop of selected trainers and coaches on business and organizational development. Participants were from different organizations and enterprises such as: OBEM, PARJE, Word Merit, CNJB, ESBE, ICGLR Youth Forum, Innova Group and CNJB.

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At El Pomar, Nice Gallery

“After six weeks of studies in leadership, entrepreneurship, and business at Cambridge College in Massachusetts, I have been lucky to be placed at El Pomar, a ‘Foundation for Colorado,’ where I learned how conversation in the community can prepare leaders to take action.” Click to read more about El Pomar’s global impact: