About Innova Group

We are a unique training and consulting organization, based in Burundi with Program and Business Support Services, that helps business owners, social innovators and entrepreneurs start, develop and grow their ideas successfully.

Our effectiveness is a reality through our Social Innovation Support Program – SISP” supported by our partners who help us building a pool of Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and Experts to support brilliant and talent people with innovative  ideas for collaborating, sharing ideas, mutually supporting, inspiring each others, keep innovating, growing and making a collective impact.

Our vision

Building communities where people collaborate and support mutually for their socio economic development


Our Mission

Train, Inform and bring together Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators to  build effective partnership and use communities assets  for sustainable development

Our Values

Innovation – Honesty – Collaboration – Partnership – Mutuality – Professionalism.

Innova Group vision statement

Fair Africa where Entrepreneurs and social Innovators get access easily to quality Program and Business Support Services that help them to build their capacity for growing and making a visible impact in their community.

Your success to bring new solutions to local problems is our satisfaction.

Our educational and consulting programs' benefits

  • Quality Training for Growth
  •  Coaching for sustainability
  • Consulting for effectiveness
  • Partnership Development Support
  • Technical support and Contents
  • Information about Opportunities

Improve your IDEA with Innova Group

How we are Unique

We provide educational and consulting services that support businesses and programs at every stage of their growth for impact and sustainability.

Our R&D team keeps innovating new models and approaches to use for improving our services.

Our Consultants & Experts are high skilled and exceptional for their work.

Innova Group Services

Innova Group provides Quality training to individuals as Entrepreneurs and social innovators or as employees of  Enterprises, NGOs  and Public Institutions to improve their services and programs with high performance leadership and effective management.

We provide a full suite of classes to support individuals, entrepreneurs, social innovators and business owners for organizational development : Soft skills, Program development, Products/Services Management, Operations management, Marketing and Sales management, Partnership management. We have courses adapted to each target group.

Our customers always have challenges, and to support them beyond the class we offer advisory services by hour. They can be purchased hour by hour or by the block of hours.

Advisory services are executive coaching to reinforce the class material and apply it to their respective organiszation.

We provide coaching on  how to live  Effective management of their organizations by adapting skills to realization for succeeding from Training to Sustainability.

Coaching session is planned in two modes: public and individual coaching. Public coaching is about to invite leaders and discussing on topics chosen. Individual coaching is about to coach a leader on specific topic in the need for his organization.

Sometimes our customers are unable to find the time to execute what they learned why they need an extra support from us. We provide consulting services when we work on any project on what we train.

When our customer’s messages and operations are up and running, they will need access to finances so that we provide  introductions and help facilitate funding.

Supporting NGOs, enterprises and public institutions by training, coaching and consultancy is not enough, we realize the need of  great initiatives in African to be connected to other partners at Beyond.

By this service, we identify partners for Africa and we connect them to our customers  in various sectors specifically on each sector for funding. Sometimes they need also to be connected for partnership, collaboration, mutual support and complementary.

We provide consulting services in proposal and grant writing for searching technical or financial partnership.

When our customers are growing they need many tools and resources to manage their company so that we provide contents online and physical to help them keeping their growth.

Innova Group Focus

Innov’a’Strat is an Innova Group product which means “Innovate a Strategy for your business”  for  Green&Social Entrepreneurs based in Africa to improve their business strategies regarding to the local context. We provide to entrepreneurs and their Staff  training and coaching services related to the following courses: Business concept strategy, First step for best entrepreneurs, Business planning, Leadership&Management, Marketing&Communication, Creativity&Innovation, Self Evaluation system, Customer care, Products and Services Improvement.

We also provide consulting services to businesses for management tools and innovative business models creation

Innov’4’Impact is an Innova Group package services  which means “Innovate for Impact in your Community”, assists social Innovators to be “Ready for Finance”. We provide to them training and coaching services for the following courses: Planning for Impact, Strategic Planning, Communication&Fundraising, Membership management, Networking strategy, Self Evaluation system, Partnership management and Have a vision.

We provide also consultancy services for management tools and social models conception of  their initiatives.

Innove with partner is an Innova Group services package which means “Innovate for with partners”. We assist SMEs to build and manage their partnership and network.:  Customers, suppliers, franchises, investors and financial institutions . We provide training and coaching in topics related to partnership management, Selling channels management, network building, keeping relationship, etc.

We provide consulting services by working on project with enterprises to find effective partners for businesses and products.

Innov’and’Change is an Innova Group product which means “Innovate and change your working system”. We provide training and coaching to different courses to grow together leadership and  Impact. We partner with American organizations and firms to derive quality services at international standard in : High performance of Leadership, Programs management, Strategic Planning, Planning for Impact, Work with patriotism, Public care, Self Evaluation System, Team Building and Have a vision.

We provide consultancy services for elaborating program and project models to different NGOs  to improve their services quality to the community.

Innov’4’Franch is an Innova Group services package which means “Innovate for franchisor to your enterprise”, assists SMEs to improve their products and services,. We provide strategic representative services related to the following aspects: Operations Management, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Matchmaking, selling and distribution management.

Those SMEs use the Innova Group as a licence name for their activities and products.


Innova Group is based in East Africa  especially in Burundi with goal to have representative partners in other African Countries starting by ICGLR Countries (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Sudan, South Sudan et DRC). Already implemented in Burundi with representative partners in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya;  Innova Group has focus to services which are supporting Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Social  Innovators for Design Thinking, Innovation realization, Capacity building, Leadership development, Highlighting ideas, Network creation, Effective partners identification, Partnership development, Ideas acceleration usefully, Impact creation  and Sustainability.

Innova Group Network

A Message

“The successful way to save our communities is to educate Innovators so that they can build strong partnership and working with effective collaboration and high performance of leadership. Starting small and growing progressively, join InnovaGroup and you will get helpful services for your idea development”. Said Emile Uwezowamungu, Our Founder

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Our Executive Team

Do you have any expertise about our services, Please apply to be one of our Executive Team or our program officer in your city.

Our consultant

Do you have any particular expertise you could share with other professionals or social Innovators. We want you be part of our pool of consultants.Join our network.

Our franchisee

Do you have a start-up working for social impact in the community? We accept to support you as our franchisee for Administration , Sales and Marketing. Please join Us.

Our Collaborator

Are you  a leader of a non-profit or social enterprise working for social impact in the community? We want you to share your experience with others? Join Us.

Our mentor

Do you have any previous experience that could help professionals or social Innovators to grow successfully?  We want your skills to feel a part of our  resources as a mentor. Please, Join Us.

Our donor

Are you interest to support one of social  programs? We enjoy to work together and sharing your activities with our network. Feel free to support Us.

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